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20 January 2006

Wherein I start a hot new makeup trend. Or not.

I had an interview today with a place where I’m hoping to spend the second half of my summer working for free on post-conviction appellate work. Not as lucrative as selling my soul, but the hours are better (sometimes), and I can wear jeans.

Side note before beginning real story: Getting ready for this interview I was in a bit of a rush, so I pulled on a nicer pair of trousers, put on some kicky boots, and was ready to head out the door with no makeup, figuring that they were public interest types and thus they wouldn’t be horrified by my mascara-free normal self. I did, however, happen to glance in the mirror on my way out the door, and holy crap I am glad that I did. Apparently, while cutting pomegranates earlier to make pomegranate salsa, one of the seed pods exploded straight in my face without my noticing. There were little magenta spots ALL OVER my cheeks and forehead, creating an effect not unlike freckles drawn in highlighter by an enthusiastic but not terribly fine-motor-skilled 5 year old.

Washed off the accidental maquillage and headed to the interview, where I met just the nicest, most down-to-earth-yet-still-really-jazzed-by-their-jobs group of people I’ve had the good fortune to meet in a long time. I was nervous, see, because I’ve been having a spate of bad luck with public interest jobs:

  • First, the D.C. Public Defender Service said they wanted to interview me, then cancelled two interviews at the last minute, and while I was still playing phone tag trying to reschedule the interview a third time, sent me a letter sincerely regretting that they were unable to offer me a position this summer. Um, okay.
  • Then, a children’s advocacy group said they wanted to hire me, but then started getting all nervous about how long I was going to be able to commit to working for them. Six weeks, I said. Fret fret, worry worry, they said. Did I mention I am working for free? I asked. Fret fret worry worry we really prefer 12 weeks, they replied. 12 weeks working full time for no money in Manhattan? I wondered aloud. Well, you are actually coming from a really privileged position and let’s not forget that you are very fortunate to go to an excellent law school that will enable you to get a high paying job when you graduate, they noted. Suitably chastened. (I’m sorry, but am I supposed to be more willing to give it up for free for the WHOLE SUMMER because I go to a good law school? I hope I’m not turning into a libertarian, but that smells funny to me.)
  • Finally, in a fit of desperation, I called the wonderful recruiting director from a firm WHERE I AM NOT WORKING, hopefully asking him if he might help me find a public interest job that would let me split my summer and only work for free for 6 weeks. He was, understandably, a little puzzled at my request. You’re still not working for us, right? He asked. Um, yeah, that’s right. Sorry to bother you.

So it was a nice change to talk to a group of people who used words like “flexible” and “no problem” and “god knows there’s plenty of work to do, we’re so thrilled you’re willing to do it for free! I was so relieved to meet people who are low key about timing and schedules that I’m ready to work for them for free for the rest of my life, if they’ll have me.


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