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16 August 2006

"Why no pinch?"

Afternoon productivity has reached an all time low here en la oficina de pseudostoops. This is, I think, the inevitable byproduct of a job where bosses see interns and, instead of thinking “there is a girl with a brain whose brain I will exploit to try to do better work” think “there is a girl with an unlimited access Westlaw account whose unlimited access Westlaw account I will exploit to try to find an absolutely nonexistent case that doesn’t really matter all that much anyway.”


I had a whole post of some length drafted about how excruciating it is to spend your sixth consecutive day searching for some nonexistent cases and law reviews, but I fell asleep typing it so I will spare you. Instead I offer you this, which you’ve almost certainly seen before but makes me giggle every single time I see it despite the fact that it is, technically, an advertisement for what must be one of the Top Five Ugliest Cars of All Time. Do you think it would be weird if I got a neighborhoodie that said "Maybe little pinch?" Because it would love it a really lot.


At 8/16/2006 10:34:00 PM, Anonymous samantha Jo Campen said...

I don't have TV so I have never seen that and boy that is a gem! I had to watch it 5 times and I'm going to call Bryan over here too. Damn that was funny.

And you TOTALLY have to order the hoodie. Then I'll get one that says "Butter sauce and tongs" and we can stand next to each other.

Oh the fun we will have!


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