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12 November 2006

Hook 'em horns

I am always apprehensive about things that everyone else assumes are a given. Call me superstitious, but last week when EVERY SINGLE ESPN predictor picked the Bears to win, I got nervous- and sure enough, loss #1. Similarly, when we went to Austin this week and learned that the famed Longhorns were playing the relatively unimpressive Kansas State and were virtually assured a cakewalk victory, I got a little nervous for the boys in burnt orange- and sure enough, they lost. There's a lesson here: if you really really want something that you think has a decent chance of happening, don't tell me about it. Which puts me in the uncomfortable position of hoping I don't get a job in the hopes that reverse psychology will kick in and I will actually get one. Figure that one out.


At 11/12/2006 11:59:00 PM, Anonymous samantha Jo Campen said...

And *I* always root for the underdog, so let's be a team!

Hope you had a good time, regardless of the sports situation. That was so awesome that he got you plane tickets:-)

Oh, and I'm NEVER EVER EVER EVER going to tell you when we're trying to get pregnant, or if I think I just might be. Cuz of your track record and all.


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