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14 November 2006

Wow! Pictures!

So after owning a new camera for, oh, three months? I finally installed the software that goes with it so I can stop downloading pictures to John's computer and emailing them to myself whenever I want to use one in here. What precipitated this sudden bout of productivity, you ask? The burning, overwhelming need to show you this: This perfect storm of kitsch, angel, and Longhorn pride. It is a folk art painted ceramic laquer angel Longhorn clock. Please note the "UT" painted on her wings, and the inspirational scroll bearing the message "We Believe in Longhorns" held in her hands. I found it in the UT Co-op, a place that is so filled with burnt orange crap that it looks rather like a large whale vomited a large portion of butternut squash soup all over it. Truly. An amazing spectacle. I wish I could tell you that this was only one of many amazing pictures I took while in Austin, but I'd be lying. I took only 5 pictures total and two are backlit and one is out of focus. I will try to be better. In the meantime, please entertain yourselves with this picture of a banana slug, taken at Science Camp with my old craptastic camera, circa February 2004. If you're really lucky, maybe someday I'll teach you the Banana Slug Song. I'm a woman of many talents, I tell you.


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