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26 January 2006

Let's not even talk about the $500 per hour part

I’m tired of thinking about the brief I’m supposed to be writing, so here are some interesting facts from the case:

  • Number of years this has been in litigation: 11
  • Number of courts that have been involved: 6 (TX probate, LA probate, CA bankruptcy, CA district, 9th Circuit, Supreme Court.)
  • Number of published decisions rendered by these courts: 13
  • Number of years since any of Anna Nicole’s lawyers have been paid: 10
  • Number of lawyers working on the Anna Nicole team nearly full-time: 3?
  • Average hourly rate for a partner in a law firm in CA: $500/hour
  • Number of hours a partner could spend working on a case like this in a year: 1500?
  • Extrapolating, amount Anna Nicole owes to her lawyers at these rates: $22.5 million
  • Amount of original bankruptcy judgment in Anna Nicole’s favor: $449 million
  • Amount of district court judgment in Anna Nicole’s favor: $44 million.
  • Amount of 9th Circuit court judgment in Anna Nicole’s favor: $0.

Is it just me, or should her lawyers be really worried right about now? After all, this case arose out of bankruptcy proceedings- if she doesn’t win in the Supreme Court, they’re going to be eating just a HUGE legal bill.


At 2/24/2006 12:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing at it may seem, there were even more courts involved; TX 1st Ct. Appeals, TX 14th Ct. Appeals, TX SC, LA Ct Appeals and (you guessed it) LA SC. There were punitives and interest on the B'cy and DC judments as well (give or take $40MM). ;-) Intertesting idea on the jello match. Definitely should be included in the alternative. :-)


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