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28 November 2006

I was very nervous about going into my meeting after reading this

I happened to be at a law firm (The Firm) for a meeting yesterday. I got there a little early and sat in their waiting area, where The Firm had a prominently displayed "media binder," full of news articles that mentioned the firm or its lawyers. Right on top was an article about associate/partner relations at firms. It was from a legal magazine, and it was about how many young associates now balk at the traditional "be on call for your partner 24 hours a day 365 days a year" mentality. (stupid associates and their wanting to have a "life"). As an example of this shocking decline in associate ass-kissing, the article told an anecdote about a student at "an Ivy League law school" who was interviewing with someone from The Firm. "About halfway through the interview, the student had the gall to ask me what the lifestyle was like at The Firm," said hiring attorney. "I told him he was not going to get very far in the legal world with an attitude like that. No way was I giving a kid like that a callback interview." So the attitude of hiring attorney is sort of annoying, but what is truly astonishing to me is that someone from The Firm decided this story should be prominently featured in the media binder. Because nothing says "welcome young associates" like "we're not even going to pretend that we give a shit about you," right?


At 11/29/2006 12:15:00 AM, Blogger Green said...

Sounds a little like that hiring partner might be friends with this hiring partner:

At 11/29/2006 01:34:00 PM, Anonymous samantha Jo Campen said...

Wow. I thought that too! Like, "Why brag about that, yo?" WTF?


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