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22 November 2006

Better late than never

Welcome, friends, to Foot in your Mouth Mondays Wednesdays, Volume III

Murphy reminded me that all of two weeks into my new tradition of posting stupid stuff I say every Monday, I forgot this week. Oops. But hey! I’m a good sport! I’ll just move it to Wednesday

[note: some details have been changed to protect the innocent.]

The scene: Casa de pseudo, friends over to watch the game. The people: a couple law school people, a couple teaching friends, John

Teacher Friend of Pseudo (who teaches at a big urban high school): Dude, we had the ROTC people in school at parent-teacher night. They were in their uniforms, encouraging people to sign up for ROTC. Pseudo: What were they saying? “come join us and be brainwashed, and- if you’re lucky!- in a few years we’ll send your ass to Iraq and you might not come back!” Geez. Why would anyone do that? Law School Friend of Pseudo: Um, my dad teaches ROTC.

Awesome! Thanks! I’ll be here all week!


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