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24 November 2006

Must be nuts

Today I got so tired of studying voting rights law that I went to the mall. Voluntarily. On the busiest shopping day of the year. (In my defense, I was visiting my only friend who was having a worse day than I was, as she works in retail, which makes Black Friday particularly wretched.) And may I say, to the CHARMING woman who gunned around me in the parking lot to veer into the space I was signaling for at approximately 40 miles an hour? You are lacking in holiday spirit! (At the time I wasn't quite so zen about this. There might have been some angry gesturing, if you catch my drift. Those malls at the holidays! What fun!)


At 11/25/2006 04:15:00 PM, Anonymous samantha jo campen said...

You should have pulled a Fried Green Tomatoes and rammed her car 16 times. Now THAT'S holiday spirit.



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