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07 September 2006

Oh my god please let me do something other than laundry and financial aid forms today.

Occasionally, in dire moments of most insane stress, I believe that I would like to be a Woman of Leisure. I would spend my days sleeping in, getting highlights, and developing a taste for sherry. My biggest decision where I should lunch and whether I should take my tea in bed or on the verandah. "Summer" would become a verb- though the decision between summering on the Cape and in the Hamptons would be challenging. My skin would, of course, be flawless. Truth is, though, I would make a really awful Woman of Leisure, because when I don't have a structure or point to my days I become listless and grouchy. When I don't have school or work or anything to give me a little kick in the tush to get up and do something, I start being unreasonably grumpy with those around me, helpfully reminding my husband things like "I did two loads of laundry today!" and "play with me I'm bored!" He just loves these little episodes. All this by way of saying: not much to write about here. I could tell you about how I saved $800 on our car insurance by consolidating our policies. That was pretty exciting. Or how I tried to get an internet writing job that I was kind of excited about but which didn't pan out, inspiring me to scour the craigslist listings for nanny jobs because I have, oh, I dunno, FOUR DAYS until I start school which seems like plenty of time to start a new career. Ooh! Ooh! How about the fact that I spent this afternoon pulling wedding photos out of our album of proofs and driving them over to the photographer because I have broken down and decided to pay them the extra $200 to put them online because dammit, I've been married for almost a year and not one single print has been ordered by anyone, so it's become pretty clear that having me organize the photo ordering for the 47 California relatives is not so much working out. I do get to go hang out with Samantha tomorrow, though, and I did get a new digital camera last week, so if you're lucky, I might have photographic evidence of actual fun being had to share with you soon. If all else fails, I'm back at school on Monday, which is always good for some ridiculous stories. Oh, and go check out Will's blog. He seems to believe that a conversation he had with me four years ago planted the seeds of inspiration for this little trip around the world he's taking, so now I feel obligated to give him free advertising to make up for all the money I've caused him to spend on bus tickets.


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If I were you, I'd bring the camera.


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